Not all wounds are caused by trauma!  Wounds that have linger may mean something deeper's going on. 

Book an appointment with Becky if you have any of the following wounds that just don't seem to heal:






-Or any other wound that just doesn't seem to be improving.

Book two ways:


get treated from the comfort of your own home (you will need either a smart phone or a computer with internet)


Now at 2 convenient locations in MA:

Emerson Hospital Wound Center:

52 Baker Ext Ave, Suite 105, Concord, MA

(978) 287-8550


Lowell Hospital Center for Wound Healing:

10 Research Pl, Suite 202, N. Chelmsford, MA

(978) 275-1390


Now offering: Telehealth visits

Be seen from the comfort of your own home with a HIPPA compliant virtual meeting.

Insurances accepted:

Massachusetts: Medicare, Medicaid (Mass Health), Tricare, BCBS, Cigna, Commonwealth care, Fallon, Harvard Pilgrim, Multiplan, Tufts, Unicare, United Healthcare 

New Hampshire: Medicare, Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, BCBS*, Cigna* 


The more you know... wound education


Wound care 101


Wounds are like Goldilocks... they like things "just right".  Learn more about the basics of wound care


PRP and wound healing


It seems like sci-fi, but you can use your own blood to help stimulate healing!




"You are what you eat" Ensure you are eating the right foods for your wound.


Weird wounds: Pyoderma Gangrenosum


The painful ulcer that just doesn't seem to heal.




Pointers about managing that pesky leg swelling that slows down wound healing.


Weird Wounds: Calciphylaxis


The "heart attack" of the skin"


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